Uliv Groceries is a Australian-based startup that helps users or customers to buy or pick up groceries and essential things from the nearest grocery stores.


In Australia there is a need of an online platform to deliver the groceries at home, thus it was very necessary to first understand the need of the market and discuss the operation flow for transferring tthe grocery from one place to another as per the australian government rules and policies and designing a user riendly UI accordingly


Create a brand logo and react native application that is secured, user friendly to deliver the required groceries on time at home.


A brand needs to carry the values and vision of the organization. It should represent who a company is and what it represents. Our process begins with a discovery phase to fully understand our client and their vision for the future. With client feedback at each step, we then use three rounds of design to create an exceptional final product.

The Branding Process

Through our discovery process, we learned that the client was looking for clean, bold typographic solutions. We wanted to incorporate the  greenery colors to pay tribute to the nature and unity.

In the first round of our branding process, we took these concepts and experimented with a wide variety of logo marks and layouts to gauge ULIV’s taste and preferences.

Design Round A

ULIV was drawn to the first two options in Design Round A. They liked the movement of the shapes on the left as well as the cleanliness of the typography in contrast to the bright colors. We used the feedback and guidance to refine our options and find the right mark and logotype for ULIV.

Design Round B

"CorpCrush nailed our brand. Others have tried to push an identity on us in the past, but Brolik spent time to understand our mission, people and culture first."
Founder, ULIV Groceries

In the third and final round of design we focused on the mark and typography color options until we came up with a brand that successfully matched their style and communicated their values and vision.

Final Logo

App Design

With the completion of building the logo, we moved into the website redesign. There’s no substitute for a real life tour of the campus, but we wanted the website to give our audience the feeling of warmth and community that ULIV offers when you visit the app.

We designed each page of the new app to fully immerse visitors, focusing on a fresh look and feel that conveyed the message  of unity and trust. The react native design allows for the best experience for all visitors, no matter what size their screen is or what device they’re on.

The brand went through a serious evolution in the UI design process and it’s especially apparent in visual details like the welcome page and the well place icons and clean design of the app.

ULIV got a new brand image with the logo and the react native application that was liked by it’s users and it got too much hype in the market.

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