Off Kicks Inc is dedicated to the interests of sneakerheads and hypebeast Our main motive is to create a bond with our fellow sole collectors along with giving them the best of what the hypebeast community has to offer!

Chapter 1 : Web Design

Offkicks Inc. is a premium sneakers selling brand based in Mumbai. The Overall theme towards making the website was to educate the people about premium sneakers of top brands and hybeast culture. The major requirement was towards lifting of the blogs to attract more and more visitors and making as simple and unique site site as possible.


Planning the UI and Number of Pages


Research About the Minimalistic Way of Presenting

The major challenge for CorpCrush team was to fulfill the demand of keeping the website as minimalistic as possible for the visitors with more engagement. CorpCrush team managed to provide the best solution with keeping the website 10x more light than other snaekers websites.


Integrating Social Media and Newsletters With the Website

The major visitors belongs to social media as said by the founder of Offkicks thus, it became important for us to integrate the best social media feed with the website so that we can directly draw visitors from website to social media account and vic-a-versa


Chapter 2 : SEO

Following the web design, CorpCrush started the process of search engine optimization for the Offkicks Inc. Along with an overall visual refresh, there were a few specific objectives outlined during the planning process.


On-Page SEO: Optimizing Pages and Blogs

The major challenge was towards optimizing pages with the relevant keyword in order to get a seo score which is user firendly and traffic oriented. Team CorpCrush optimized all the headings, images tags and overall content for all the pages and blogs till we achieve the score of 80-100.


Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Integration

Following the process, we integrated google analytics and other webmaster tools like Bing etc for analyzing the traffic and making our strategies accordingly.


Reaching to Final Results

5-10 Blogs are resulted under top 5 search results on google with relevant keywords.

All blogs and pages on page seo score was above 80 and some of them were above 90

We have reached to an overall CTR of 6 in just 2 months.

Gained organic traffic of approximately 1600 daily with the SEO of just 2 months

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