Organic Oil Mills Pvt. Ltd.

O2 Mills was formed with a dream of delivering Indian traditional cooking oil to every Indian at economical prices and helping 100s of farmers and small local entrepreneurs to set their own shop and nurture their business in the initial stages to make this as an initiative to support Local for Vocal movement.

Chapter 1 : Logo Designing

Attractive Logo is one of the important factors to attract the audience to check the product and buy them. The logo should depict the entire story or vision of the company. Our first step was together with the vision of the company and start implementing it.


The Vision of this company is to support Make in India and go Local for Vocal and to produce purest cold pressed oil in India and expanding it to other countries. The name itself represent word like organic, oil and mills  where we have given a small icons in the name. The map represents India at the centre and then the whole world.The tagline “We Breathe Life Into Oil” is fitted into right place to get noticed.


Chapter 2 : Brochure Designing

We always need to show our companies full profile to other vendors to make a deal or to grow. Brochure plays a major role in describing the “ What company is” , “How it is unique”, “What products it sells” etc. Unique Design of the brochure catches the eye of the vendor and he customer and it displays the company uniquely. In this brochure, we have included all important information along with subtle and apt design of every page.

Chapter 3 : Flex/ Standee Designing

Once the Logo and Brochure is finalised, next comes Flex/Standee design to advertise the products and about the company outside stores and supermarkets. To catch the eye of the customers and make them stop to see the this standee outside the store, we need to make the design very attractive and putting all minimalistic information about the products available inside the store.